Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Sometimes you just need a lazy day. 
Sleeping in... my definition of "sleeping in"?  Any time past 9 a.m.! Haha.  So today I slept in until 10. 
Breakfast?  Horrible food:  toaster streusel, cereal & yogurt.  SO bad for me!  But soo yummy. I'm evil.
Day's activities so far??  Movies:  Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds"  (awful movie but stupidly hilarious) and now Meryl Streep's "Mama Mia!", which, I must say is one of my favorites.  Bright colors, adorable fun, summery outfits, sun & sun-bleached hair, ABBA music, and--it's such a girl movie! Oh.  Plus hunky men dancing around the beaches half-naked?  Oof. How can you go wrong?  Anyway.  I digress.  Ha!

This is a lazy day indeed...

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