Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bikini or Bust!!

I started last winter with my weight tipping the scales at 230 lbs.  NEVER in a million years did I picture myself THIS fat.  I was mortified.  I felt like a big, ugly, clumsy, unattractive lout.  Didn't feel feminine or lovely at all.

So my goal over the past year has been--of course--to lose all the pudge.  And I've lost between 15-20 lbs, which has been...kind of an accident, as I haven't been truly dieting or on an exercise regimine.  I've just managed to eat a little less and keep a little more active.

I'm dating a skinny-minny man who tops off at 165 and is 6 feet tall.  You can understand how I feel like a walrus with him, just a bit...

Hence my determination to really budge the pudge--and get into a BIKINI.  YES.  A Bikini. 

In order to motivate myself...

All the suits pictured above are from Victoria's Secret.  Which one do you like best?  (I posted some one-pieces and tankinis just in case I don't meet my

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