Monday, April 25, 2011

Working Out

Here I am, weighing in at 208.5 lbs!  I'm 20 lbs down from my top weight - all just by improving my stress levels, emotional eating, and pursuing a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.  (I really contribute it to a loving, supportive boyfriend & his family - something new I've never experienced.  They've shown me such true love & kindness that it's calmed me and motivated me to in turn truly love myself.  Amazing, huh?)

My slim & trim boyfriend (he weighs in at 166 lbs and is 6' tall) left a pint of Ben & Jerry's in my freezer!!  How dare he?! haha!  I am a fat girl!  You can't leave BEN & JERRY'S in a FAT GIRL'S freezer, for God's sake!! ;)   Guess what.  I haven't even eaten a nibble of it.  None.  Be proud of me.  It wasn't easy to resist.

My treat today was a York peppermint patty.  The large kind that costs 99 cents.  Not a little one.  But I remembered that it has less fat than many other candy bars, hence my choosing it.  And I ate a good, hefty sandwich today full of vegetables & roast beef (maybe not the greatest choice, but it's better than my former lunches consisting of 800+ calorie whoopie pies & a large coffee!!). 

I am promising to myself to be 100% transparent about my awful daily lifestyle.  It consists of feeling bad about myself, treating myself badly, and in turn continually feeling bad about myself. 

It goes like this:  eat junk, don't brush teeth or wash face before bed, sleep late, wake up & eat more junk for breakfast (and too much of it), forget to brush teeth, don't exercise, go to work, eat more junk for lunch, forget to make time for working out, go home, feel depressed & lonely & lethargic, eat more junk, fall into a sleepy stupor & go to bed late after browsing Facebook for hours aimlessly.  Successfully having accomplished NOTHING - and on top of it ruined my health bit by bit (rotting teeth, rotting mind, rotting self control, etc.). 

So I am telling the world!!  I suck at taking care of myself!!

But here I am, taking the first step to changing that.  And today I managed to eat healthy (altho I didn't wake up this morning and vow that I would), worked out, and got a lot done otherwise.  I still have yet to brush my teeth.  There.  Honesty.  Aren't I a wretched human for not consistently brushing my teeth?  Please love me anyway.  I'm working on it. :-P

If you read this, please post a little comment.  Don't we all have our little awful secrets we'd rather the world not know?  That sweet tooth?  That pound of pudge that hasn't budged?  That terrible habit (biting your nails, raiding the fridge, etc.)? 

SHARE it.  We'd all be better for being more transparent with each other.  Post away!!

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