Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Science Nerd Hair Experiments!

Every girl loves her lotions & potions, right?  We have a thousand little bottles of hand creme, face creme, repairing moisturizing hair conditioner, clarifying shampoo, 2-in-1, shaving gel, 30 different kinds of Bath & Body Words scented lotions, and about 50 varying brands of perfumes.

I am a potion-lover.  But my hair is not a potion-lover.  It's been dyed & bleached & permed & scrunched & blow-dried mercilessly.  I didn't really care & thought this was all just par for the course.  Every woman does these things - if not more - for the sake of beautiful hair.  Riiight??

I discovered all-natural hair care methods online yesterday, and I have been changed.  My jug of 2in1 Pantene clarifying potion sits on my shower shelf, untouched.  I washed my hair this morning with baking soda & water mixed together & poured on my scalp.  Then I conditioned with a watered-down mix of apple cider vinegar.  My hair?  LOVES IT.

I am a makeup-lover.  I wear makeup every day.  Without it, I feel I look like a man.  I love my mascara.  I love my foundation.  I love blush & bronzer.  But my skin doesn't love it.  Last night I washed my face with honey.  YES HONEY!  How weird is that?  You put a dollop in your hands, rub them together (ewww sticky!!!) until the honey is warmed by the friction.  Then you slap your hands on your face and rub all over to spread the warm honey onto your pores. 

I laughed at my self out loud as I was doing this in front of my bathroom mirror last night.  My little remainders of pure, raw honey were just enough to cover my face.  (I'll be buying more.)  I used some olive oil on a cotton ball to dab at my eyes until my mascara was running down my face, then rotated the cotton ball, added more olive oil, and re-applied to the dirty mascara-smeared parts of my face.  I let the honey sit for 5-10 minutes, then went back and washed it off.  My face was soooo soft & not dried out, but perfectly balanced.

The olive oil was a bit slimy and the residue stuck to my eyeballs, which was annoying. 

I've also taken to scrubbing my face with baking soda & water, then moisturizing with a dab of cocount oil (which warms on your skin & gets greasier as it does so).

Anyway; so far I've LOVED my new "science nerd" beauty experiments!  DIY and all-natural products are exciting to me right now.  Spread the love!

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