Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Like a dammed-up stream, a life without change, motivation, or purpose is going to stagnate. 

What do you want to pursue in the near future?  Personal fitness goal?  Learning a new language?  Finding a new job? 

Life if FULL of exciting possibilities, and many times we don't even think to tap into 5% of them!  Imagine what life would hold for you with broadened horizons.  It'd be twice as exciting simply getting to enjoy your current interests/hobbies, much less finding new ones!

Reflect on life as a 5 year-old.  What was your fantasy career choice, back in the day? 

I wanted to be a horse ranch owner.
I wanted to be a graceful, strong ballerina, driven by passion and determination.
I wanted to be a teacher, revered by my students and empowered by my love for teaching young minds.
I wanted to be an artist, creating beautiful masterpieces with my imagination.
I wanted to be a singer and songwriter (I would make up songs in my car seat on long car rides and sing them for my parents).

Take any aspiration you've had since you were young.  Don't give up on it.  Life is full of surprises--if you want to do something, make it happen.  Empower yourself to become exactly what you've always dreamed of being & doing.

Ride a horse.  Heck!  Take riding lessons!
Go to that walk-in dance class for beginners every Friday night and learn to dance, even if it's not ballet.

Aspirations are supposed to make living life more exciting.  They're supposed to energize you and inspire you.  You're not supposed to rip yourself apart for failing to achieve them. 

So get out there and enjoy the incredible adventures life holds!

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