Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Got the blues? Cheer up--life is shitty!

I had an epiphany on the treadmill at the gym tonight.

(I am a very analytical person.  Tonight I was analyzing my personal emotional/psychological tendencies.  Aren't I a nerd?)

Here is my epiphany:  "Life is equally full of the GOOD and the BAD.  You can choose to dwell on all the BAD stuff in life, or you can choose to dwell on all the GOOD stuff.  But if you end up living a miserable life, it's no one's fault but your own, because 1.) no one else lives in a magically perfect world, okay?  and 2.) you should really give up the ideal of what life "should" be like."

There 'tis.

(I'll break it down... Basically, I'm a very idealistic/romantic kind of person, and all my life I have wished for things to be a certain way.  I'll share.  When I was very little I drooled over American Girl catalogues and really wanted one of the $100 dolls to the point that I daydreamed that my principal stood up with me in front of the school and said, "If anyone has an extra American Girl doll, they should give it to this poor little girl who's parents can't afford one."  Too funny!  Or to the same extent when I was a little older and lonely after moving, daydreaming that another similar authority ordered kids my age to be my friends.  Lol.) 

(Life isn't perfect, nor will it ever be.  Get it out of your head that things will get better.  It's a mixed bag.  Sure, life will be wonderful sometimes and just as equally shitty, other times.  Whoever the genius was who said something to the effect that "the difference between adventure and dilemma is your outlook on it" had something there!)

(So slap yourself when you start pouting over ___________ stupid petty thing and cheer up, because life is shitty.  Big surprise!  haha.)

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