Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feedback Time :)

Please leave a comment below with a suggestion of what you'd love to read about, whether it's listed below or not.

1.  the unwanted guest on women's bodies (cellulite: what is it, where did it come from, and how to get rid of it)
2. fashion inspiration (where do you get your's?  or who in your life do you admire for their fashion sense?)
3.  real-life blog: what's in your closet (horrendous vs. stupendous) featuring pics of our closets and what terrifying and terrific things are inside (think polka dots, hideous green wool sweaters, or svelte silk halter tops for only $4)
4.  can you tell the difference between designer and generic? (take a look at outfits created by readers (and me) and tell us if you can differentiate between off-the-rack or out of the attic)
5.  what's your favorite fashion accessory?  readers weigh in
6.  life-planning blog:  what is one life skill you wish you had (check-book balancing, budgeting, planning, changing a flat, cleaning a house, navigating traffic, finding the love of your life--you fill in the blank)
--these are a few of my favorite things:  what cheers you up?  (besides chocolate)
7.  Uh-Oh! blog post:  life-changing emergencies that happen everyday-- what they are and how to handle them
8.  the dirt on drycleaning--is it totally overrated???  get the low-down on the most cost-efficient ways to clean your stuff and avoid getting your pockets emptied at the cleaner's
9.  prep for winter:  are you, your wardrobe, your home and car ready for those blustery temps?
10.  skin 101:  what are every day tips you can incorporate into your routine to give you luscious skin?
11.  Yuck!  why do they make me feel so gross?!  emotional trips that "toxic people" can send you on:  what are they and how to do navigate them?
12.  Bare and Beautiful:  boost your confidence with these amazing facts about how your man thinks about your nudey-doody body
13.  Moolah:  where does it go?!  trippy ways to trick yourself into saving money
14.  Save your own A$$:  true tales of helplessness b/c of failure to plan ahead
15.  Family:  can't live without them while you're living with them-- ways to sweeten the deal with your siblings and parents
16.  The Female Brain:  think no one understands you?  there's a reason why!  female brains are tricky!  (an interesting buncha facts from a renowned brain scientist and author who wrote the book "The Female Brain")  (gives lots of insight into how we work mentally)
17.  Don't Kid Me:  how not to get knocked up.  be a savvy girl and find out the zillions of ways things can go wrong, then avoid them so you can live the life you need to, baby-free
18.  Powder Power:  a gazillion ways to use the miracle powder you keep in your purse.  (no, not THAT powder...we're talking baby powder here!)
19.  Drink Yourself Skinny:  the craziest way to lose weight is also one of the simplest
20.  What's Lurking...?  the dirtiest places in your life/household/workplace and how to avoid their icky effects

...and much more...

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