Monday, October 11, 2010

Worry: Savvy Chics Let Go

I woke up the other day in an extremely bad mood.  No, we aren't talking just waking up with indigestion or waking up to realize "oh crumb, it's that time of month again."  I was anxious, discouraged, and mopey with flashes of anger here and there.  It was a bad, very bad mood I woke up to.  

The weird thing about that "mood" was this...  I had nothing to base it on.  I couldn't understand where these feelings of helplessness, worry, and fear came from.  I'm extremely analytical, but nothing made sense about this mood.

All that to say this:  Women, we are emotional creatures.  Would you happen to agree with me?  Emotions come way more easily to me and you (as women) than our male counterparts (or so we would believe...) 

In case you were wondering if you were the only odd duck out there having a shitty day for apparently no reason, please read ahead and be reassured by the following paragraphs.

Emotional differences between men and women are greater in North America than in other cultures, particularly Asian culture.

Women show greater concern about home life and family issues, while men worry about more political issues.

Many studies indicate that society views women as typically emotional b/c of their personality or characteristics, whereas men are simply having a cruddy day.  She's emotional.  He's having a bad day.   "In other words, he's angry because of context: he was cut off by another driver, for instance, or because he was elbowed in an elevator. She's angry because of disposition, personality, temperament—she's emotional. And he's fearful because he's reacting to the situation—he found a rattlesnake in the house, say, or was trapped in a burning building. She's afraid because that's her nature."

In fact, we women are such roller coasters of emotion that we cannot hold high political positions of office!  (read about Hillary Clinton's anger issues here)

Men struggle with just as many worries, anger issues, bouts of anxiety, and cases of insecurity as women do.  One medical male health website lists issues men deal with, reassuring them that it is totally normal to feel this way. I'm sure the way men handle their emotions are much different from the ways we women handle them, however.  The simple fact that men have more testosterone flooding their brain connectors in their communication areas means they're going to be more basic and clean-cut in making emotional decisions, whereas we women have raging rapids of estrogen delivering emotionally-charged energy through our communicating circuits.  Obviously, men will make decisions we might not based on our emotions.

Basically, we women should take a deep breath when we're strung out emotionally.  I personally would suggest the following...

  • jumping on a trampoline
  • walking your dog (or cat)
  • taking a walk on a nature trail
  • snuggling with a furry pet or a loved one
  • hitting the gym
  • journalling
  • playing a musical instrument
  • playing basketball or any other impact sport
  • listening to a book on tape/cd
Savvy chics out there, life sucks sometimes.  People are rotten, unpredictable, and downright selfish sometimes  (and we're ALL people...!).  So take a moment to mentally prepare yourself for some nasty emotional repercussions when life gets down and dirty.

If you're a savvy chic, when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you will simply breathe deeply, rack it all up to life and a flux of hormones or bad pizza, and get on with your day with a smile (real or fake doesn't matter) on your face.  (just beware...too many quick smiles may lead others to believe you are insincere)  (lol) 

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