Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome, savvy chicks!

I am SO tickled to be starting this blog at last--It's been on my mind for a couple months now! 

I gave birth to a brainchild a couple months ago-- to begin an inspiring, funky & creative magazine publication called "Ah-Ha!  The Savvy Chick's Guide to Everyday Life."  I proposed the idea on my Twitter account, and Goodwill snapped it up, saying they would love to support me in any way they could. 

This publication would include...
  • stories about great finds at thrift stores and bargain shops (how to be sexy, beautiful, and put-together without spending a small fortune)
  • extraordinary uses for ordinary things (how many ways can you use baby powder?)
  • life-planning tips (get where you want to go)
  • wholesome advice on relationships (just when you were about to strangle your coworker)
  • a column on building good life skills (how to excel, no matter where you work)
  • stories by everyday heroines (please nominate one today!)
  • and much much more 

In the shallow (fun though unsatisfying & unreliable) drama-obsessed, sex-saturated society we find ourselves in, I thought it'd be refreshing to read a magazine that would inspire me to rise above the rest, be real with the people in my life, learn to catch those curve balls life hurls at you, and (literally) how to make lemons out of lemonade...stuff like that.  

It'd be intriguing to flip thru the pages of something fun but something that would make you go... "Ah-ha!  I've never thought of that!"  So I figured there must be other savvy chicks out there who would love digging into an inspiring magazine like that, too.

I've got tons of great ideas for articles, photo journals, and fun journeys I'd like to bring you on as I start this publication as a blog.  

  • "Rollin' around" (one of my boyfriend's favorite expressions) in Burlington, Vermont (come visit us!), I am an artist, journalism and psychology student, hard-worker, oldest daughter, caring girlfriend, and sometimes pretty darn frustrated savvy chick who is still growing up and learning a lot in my everyday life.

  • You are a savvy chick who wears a Prada belt she found in the dollar bin at Goodwill, who's more captivated by the beauty of an outfit than obsessed with where it came from.  You are that artsy person who can't get enough of good old ingenuity.  You are real, you are freckled, you are a dreamer, you are full of beans and vinegar, you love the new and undiscovered, and you are just plain YOU.  
I'd love YOUR help with this brand-new brainchild of mine, because (as the saying goes), "it takes a village to raise a (brain) child!"  :-D 

Send me some feedback, especially to contribute "Ah-ha!" moments from your life, too.  I would love to hear them!  We're in this together.

The journey starts here!  I am so pumped.

Here's the first step:  blogging!  and on it's way, hopefully, to becoming a magazine.

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  1. Erin, I love it! I look forward to reading your posts. It sounds like you've got a really great start with some really creative ideas. Keep blogging, and I'll be one of your faithful readers.