Monday, October 11, 2010

Love the Skin You're In!

Here's the down-low on cellulite. 

1.)  Guess what.  EVERYONE'S got it.  Yup, everyone:  skinny chicks, men, celebrities.  It's not just us fatties who love ice cream. 

 2.)  Cellulite ain't budgin'!  No matter what you try:  creams, rubs, massages, liposuction--nothing is proven to actually remove cellulite. 

3.)  Cellulite won't scoot off your boot-ay any time soon because it's actually a layer of loose-lying fat stuck between layers of skin.  Creams won't penetrate well enough to effect it, and while massage may temporarily poke it back thru the connective fibers in the layers of skin it's poked thru to create that bumpy cellulite look, it's just gonna eventually ooze back through.  And even highly expensive liposuction won't get rid of it, as liposuction targets body fat deposits and can't skim between skin layers to remove cellulite.

4.)  You better just learn to love the skin you're in, because even those skinny vegan chicks got cellulite too (although they don't "got milk").  Men are less likely to have cellulite simply because their bodies are built differently and they don't collect fat the same way we women tend to (drat those cheese-burger eating men!).  As your skin ages it will lose elasticity (no duh), but basically, genetics, age, and body type all determine the type of skin (and cellulite) you're gonna carry around.  So do your darnedest, eat well and work those curves out so you're plenty healthy, but don't go buying miracle creams or indulging in ridiculous liposuction.  Simply be beautiful.   In spite of the cellulite.

(Mischa Barton's cellulite-y legs and behind.)

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