Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Regrets? Or just constructive criticism from yourself?

Do you view regrets positively or negatively?

I always wondered if those care-free crazy people shouting "Live life with no regrets!!"  at the top of their lungs as they go cliff jumping into unknown waters and/or stay up all night boozing, wake up in the morning with no regrets. 

But joking aside...!  (see FAIL Blog)

Who doesn't regret a least one or two poorly-timed words, thoughtless action, or miscalculated expenditure in their life?

Looking back, you might think, "Wow I wish I hadn't _______." 

Personally, I believe regrets are a way of maturing. 

Your conscience is telling you, "Hey!  You're growing!" as you realize, now that you're a little older and/or wiser, you might have done ______ differently. 

So when you have just...
  • overindulged (who can resist Ben & Jerry's?!)
  • snapped at your boyfriend/coworker/sister/sibling/parent/random stranger on the sidewalk/dog/etc
  • bought that _______ you just couldn't resist
...stop and pat yourself on the back for realizing you possible mistake...and make a big mental note to avoid the same slip-up next time.

You can't change the past, only the future.  Don't "drive through life" looking through the rear-view mirror--how safe would that be?!  Simply acknowledge the mistake, shrug your shoulders, forgive yourself (or ask others for forgiveness), and move on.

After all, you're only human. 

So...my basic consensus is this:  regrets can be bad if they're dwelt upon. 

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