Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo Blog! Winter Time in Vermont (something to look forward to)

This is winter in Vermont: snowmobile trails blazed all over snowy hills

Sunshine on twinkly snow while you make snow angels

Church Street in downtown Burlington, VT, sports winking Christmas lights and beautiful window displays

...it usually snows...a lot...

But even on the coldest of days you can bundle up, trek out to the hills and pastures, and sled and snowmobile to your heart's content :)

Snow shoveling is a GREAT work out...

...especially when you have 6 feet of it to move off your cars and out from under your wheels!

We Vermonters get the job done. (thanks for posing, Mom!)

Dogs love snow.

A beautiful, old Vermont home looks quite scenic amidst the drifts.

It's hard work climbing back up the hill after sledding.

Emily the dog fetching a stick...

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