Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Blog! Burlington, Vermont

winter boardwalk along lake champlain

bubbly ice at the waterfront's edge looking up at Burlington

sailboats on lake champlain

Church Street, downtown Burlington

Burlington is full of beautiful architecture, old mixed with new

Burlington is full of artists and their work

a hot, hazy day on lake champlain

walking on the bike path near the lake front

looking thru the rail yards towards burlington's high rises

delicious crepes and eggs from The Skinny Pancake

The Skinny Pancake

Burlington's brick buildings mingle with beautiful trees

it couldn't be a more beautiful evening on the waterfront

pedestrians, bikers, and joggers all enjoy the bike path that runs along the waterfront for miles

sunset over lake champlain

winter 2009

Burlington is full of beautiful historic buildings and houses

winter driving


  1. So beautiful! Are these shots all from right around where you live?

  2. laura! thanks for finding and enjoying my blog!! <3 yes, these are all shots from around Burlington. i will hopefully have a good blog post coming up with more interesting & diverse shots...